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Troy Junker is a Canadian rapper, songwriter and record producer harnessing his idiosyncratic upbringing in Saskatchewan and Jacksonville, Florida, delivering a flow in his signature bass-baritone voice, over slick and addictive production. Having grown up in small town with little opportunities, Troy used his ambition to accomplish his goals that were once holding him back and is now based in the epicentre of the Canadian music Industry - Toronto, Ontario.

Influenced by great lyricists such as Tupac, J Cole, Nipsey Hussle and Mac Miller, has always had a love for the stories being told in the songs. When it comes to lyrical flow, Junker is able to shape shift between theme and tone to deliver everything from party bangers with an emphasis on punchlines and a catchy chorus, to thoughtful and inspirational lyrics that are aimed to help people in a rough place think positively.

Early credentials include collaborating with XO/RocNation artist Belly on his former group Fresh City’s single ‘To the Floor’, and opening for acts like LMFAO, Mariana's Trench, Swollen Members and Joey Stylez. During this time, Troy was a highschool student who dropped out in the graduating year. After pursuing music full time for a year, Troy and Fresh City landed third place in Canadian Television show, “Urban Star.” The show would foreshadow Troy’s break out as a solo rapper to watch.  It wasn’t long after this, Troy was heading down the wrong direction with the law and decided it was best he change his lifestyle and became a Uranium miner for close to three years. He would work 80 hour work weeks and have a week off, with his week off Troy would go on to create music in New York City, Vancouver, and return to his childhood city, Jacksonville, Florida to record and film his first debut single, Life’s Good.

Over the two and a half years of mining, Troy felt the need to go fulltime with the music once again and parted ways with what some would call a lifelong career. He headed where he left his family and friends behind and achieved an honour-roll status in the Music Business Management at Durham College. Throughout college, Troy released two Eps, “Time Capule” and “Trilly Madison”. Both well received by college campus, local community and back home.

2020 will be a busy year for Troy after he closes out 2019 with a series of singles. After the new year, Troy will release an upcoming project, Journeys, which will build on the wild yet relaxed lifestyle Troy attracts.

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