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Troy Junker is a hip-hop artist; who by looks you wouldn’t expect what you’ll get. Troy, a high school dropout - turned Uranium miner, whom switched his lifestyle to pursue an education in Music Business Management and his passion within music has gone all in.

Troy found a love for creating music in his teenage years, song writing and recording with close friends on the most amateur equipment he could use. Within one year Troy had sold enough home pressed CDs to purchase his first studio, which taught him to record, mix and master. In 2009, he dropped out of high school, as he began leaving his imprint on the local hip-hop scene.

In 2010 Troy helped establish electro-pop group, “Fresh City,” where he and fellow rappers, created a local buzz with singles “Danger Ft Joey Styles” and “To The Floor Ft. Belly”. Around this time Fresh City played his first show in this home with a crowd of 527 people. In 2011, Troy and Fresh City made it onto Canadian Television show, “Urban Star” coming in third place. Troy then completed a song writing course at the University of Saskatchewan but ultimately left home to work 80-hour weeks in a Uranium mine in Northern Saskatchewan for three years. Having extensive recording sessions in his off time, Troy built a large unreleased catalogue.

In 2013, Troy ventured to Jacksonville, Florida - one of the places he’d lived growing up. There he worked on his first solo single “Life’s Good” which was released worldwide digitally. With sunny visuals from Lewis Farinella, it was a surprise to Troy that the song garnered the most attention in Ukraine, Germany, Poland and nearby European states. In 2014, Troy made the bold decision to leave his mining job and moved to Oshawa, Ontario for an education in the Music Business Management program at Durham College. Throughout Troy’s college experience he underwent a rebrand, learned about the Canadian industry and added onto his catalogue.


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 Troy-Junker Bio
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